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Graduated compression IRONMAN SOCKS have been developed to improve your sports performance and subsequent recovery thanks to the excellent degree of compression they provide.
This model is perfectly suited for cyclists, MTBs, runners, marathon runners, tennis players.

Thanks to the materials used and the precise sizes that take into account both foot length and calf circumference, IRONMAN SOCKS adhere perfectly to the foot and leg and exert an accurate graduated compression.

For perfect wearability, the model features left-right bilaterality and ultra-flat seam.
The presence of exagon system also guarantees a greater friction inside the shoe, thus allowing the foot not to slip and remain perfectly anchored to the shoe, as well as protecting it from skin abrasion, such as in the delicate area of the tibial/medial malleolus and Achilles tendon, thanks to their studied location.
Finally, the presence of an air system allows the foot to breathe and remain warm and dry.

These features allow IRONMAN SOCKS to be used for both short and long sports performances, both in trainings and in competitions, as well as after intense sports activity for recovery.
Products with breathable fibers subjected to antibacterial treatment.

Why compression is important:
The muscles of the leg, during intense sports activity, produce waste substances, including CO2 and lactic acid, while at the same time requiring O2 and many other substances carried by the blood.
In order to obtain a better performance, efforts are made to promote bloodcirculation.
By gradually compressing, i.e. by releasing from the ankle to the knee, it provides additional pressure to the walls of the vessels, thus generating a
boost; the blood will flow faster, thus preventing any venous stagnationphenomena, too.
It also promotes water reabsorption by venous and lymphatic capillaries, thus reducing swelling.


It is recommended to:
Choose your size correctly;
Consult a physician if unexpected reactions occur and remove CARDIOSOX immediately.


Allergies to CARDIOSOX components;

Acute skin diseases, skin ulcers and open wounds;

In case of vascular diseases, consult your doctor before use.
This product adapts to any sports activity.

Composizioni 70% Polyamide - 30% Elastane
Materiale Polyamide

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